About the Project

The Sinkulova Street Residential House features an exceptional opportunity in the form of 21 units. A total of five floors of the residential house hold the units with the layout of 1 room+kitchenette and 2 rooms+kitchenette, which will perfectly satisfy the demands of both the couples and individuals, as well as the interest of investors. The condition of the units prior to reconstruction allows each owner to individually finish their unit the way they like. Each unit also has a cellar stall.

The residential house is situated in the middle of everything, in the dynamic Prague district Podolí with great transport accessibility, excellent civic amenities and a wide range of social and sporting activities. You would hardly find a more advantageous apartment in an attractive location like this. Invest where values have been proven by time. Set your anchor in a historic residential house below the mythical Vyšehrad.

The ancient settlement of Podolí, today a prestigious urban district, will literally dazzle you with its magical atmosphere as well as perfect accessibility of transport links and excellent civic amenities. The premium location is dominated by monumental waterworks. It is also known for its swimming pool, Žluté lázně (Yellow Spa), the Císařská louka island or the Vltava Embankment, as well as the business and social centre Arkády Pankrác with the largest jellyfish aquarium in Europe. The iconic Podolské stairs leading to Vyšehrad with its remarkable views and impressive genius loci also deserve our attention.

Apartments and Price List

1. Floors above ground availible: 6 units

all units


A world full of possibilities opens up right behind the door of the house. Just like the local buildings represented by a mixture of apartment buildings, family villas, protected houses and new buildings, also the leisure activities at the location abounds in variety. That is why Podolí makes the young and old, active people, keepers, singles, couples and families so excited. 

  • 5 min Arkády Pankrác
  • 5 min Vyšehrad
  • 6 min C metro station Pražského povstání
  • 3 min 5. května street
  • 3 min Vltava embankment

Living close to the bustling centre but within easy reach of the tranquillity of nature. Mythical Vyšehrad, but also the 21st century conveniences and developed infrastructure, cycle routes and sports fields, playgrounds for dogs, friendly businesses, civic services as well as the places to shop and relax. All of that can be found around the Sinkulova Street Residential House, also characterized by excellent transport accessibility both by car and public transport.

You can get in and out of the city centre with the snap of a finger. It only takes 3 minutes to get by car to the Podolské nábřeží Street entrance and 3 minutes to arrive to the 5. května Street with connection to the motorway. The C metro stations Pražského povstání or Vyšehrad, the tram stop Pražského povstání or the bus stations Doliny and Klikovka are in the walking distance of the house. 



Sinkulova 511/46 140 00, Praha 4 - Nusle


Purchase and Financing

Orally made reservation

Orally made reservation

After the decision on purchase has been made, we will reserve the respective unit for you for 48 hours.

Preliminary purchase contract

Within three working days after signing the Agreement on Reservation or the Preliminary Purchase Agreement you are required to pay a deposit of CZK 200,000 and pay the remaining portion of the prepayment up to 10 % of the purchase price within one month. Within 3 months, another deposit of 10 % of the purchase price follows and then you are required to pay up to 10 % of the purchase price within 6 months.

Purchase Agreement

You shall pay the remaining 70 % of the purchase price upon the signature of the Purchase Agreement either based on a loan or using your own financial means.

Handover of the unit

The unit is expected to be handed over in Q2 2023 at the latest.


Successful long-term cooperation of our company and Hypoasistent s.r.o. in financing the sale of units to be owned by clients allows us to provide also you with a unique offer to finance the purchase of an apartment in the Sinkulova Street Residential House. Hypoasistent is a contractual partner of 16 banks and in cooperation with them provides individual discounts on interest rates and fees, precisely tailored to everyone's needs.

— FREE preparation of mortgage loan
— FREE preparation of property estimate

Information for Foreign Clients

The restriction on the purchase of apartments to be owned by the clients from countries that are not EU member states is no longer in force. Foreign clients can now also buy a housing unit as a private individual.


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